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Rules and Regulations

  1. A coin flip (or rock, paper, scissors) at the beginning of the game (and overtime) will determine who gets the 1st possession of the game. Afterwards, alternating possession will be used. 
  2. The winner of each game will be the team winning after 20 minutes of running-clock play. Teams do not have to win by 2 points. To prevent stalling, the unwritten "30-second shot clock" rule will be enforced at the referee's discretion and will result in a change of possession.
  3. There are no timeouts.
  4. Each 3-point field goal (FG) will count as 2 points, all other FGs count as 1 point.
  5. If the game is tied after 20 minutes, there will be a "sudden death" (1st basket wins) overtime. A coin flip (or rock, paper, scissors) will be used to determine who gets the ball first. 
  6. Change of possession after each made basket.
  7. Ball must be checked with opponent after every score.
  8. Ball must be passed into play (cannot be shot or dribbled). 
  9. Fouls will be called by referees. There will be no shooting fouls. The team that is fouled will take the ball in from the top of the key. 
  10. If a player deliberately makes a foul to stop play, and does not make a play on the ball, an intentional foul may be called at the referee's discretion. After the second such offense, the team that was intentionally fouled will receive one point and retain possession of the ball.
  11. Ball must be cleared to the 3-point line on every change of possession where no basket is scored, including steals, turnovers and air balls. If the ball is not cleared properly, play will be stopped by the referee and the ball will be checked at the top of the key. The team that did not clear the ball properly will retain possession of the ball. On and after a team's 2nd infraction of not clearing the ball properly, they will lose possession of the ball. 
  12. Once the ball is cleared, it's live. 
  13. Game results will be reported to the tournament coordinator(s). Team Captains must sign the official score sheet after each game.
  14. The top two teams from each pool will advance to the playoffs. In the event of a tie after "pool" play, ties will be broken by head to head results. 
  15. Tie-Breakers
    1. Head-to-head results
    2. Greatest cumulative point differential 
    3. Fewest cumulative points allowed
  16. There are no gender requirements for the competitive division, but the recreational division must have 1 girl playing at all times. 

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